segunda-feira, março 29, 2004

This one is for you …

This one is for you, Curtis, so you can understand it properly. I admire you. You don’t speak Portuguese, and by the little Spanish that you know you could understand some of the things I wrote about you.
I imagine what you having passing, a pale imagination I know, reality overcomes always what we imagine.
You say that now you sit a lot in your computer, so let me take you to a little travel, far away in distance, but in the reach of a mouse click. Let me tell about Portugal, my country.

Portugal is a small European country, just by the Atlantic sea. The summer is worm, with a bright atmosphere; the winter is not very cold, just a little bit of snow in the high lands.
The sunset is always nice, making a yellow, orange, blue, gray and white patchwork in the sky, and giving a marvelous texture to the sea. I love water, the sea, the river, the way both of them get together like a dance.


Portuguese are adventurous by nature or by faith. I think Portuguese are adventurous because is a case of do or die, like the song, the country is not rich, and people go seek a better life.


Thirty years ago we had a revolution; I think it was the last romantic revolution in the world. A revolution made without blood, a revolution where the ones that took the power didn’t keep it for themselves. A revolution made with guns but also made with songs and flowers, made of ideals.

If a country is like a person I would say that Portugal then was a teenager, dreaming about how he was going to make the world a better world, a place where the people were equal, in decisions and in goods. I was little then, maybe the romantic was me and not the revolution. That spirit is long gone, now the country is an adult, concerned about money and profits.

I think you would like here, we are a small country but with multiple landscapes. We have old stone gray houses; we have white castles, buildings so deeply worked that don’t seem made of stone.

This as a short visit, you can see a little more here and here.


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